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Oliver Z Vines

Proposed Change: Vines Oliver Z (I04987) Tree: Vines Family Link: Description: Not sure how to go about this, but I believe Oliver Z is my grandfather. Story is that he left Texas because of issues with the rest of his brothers and went to California. He married Etta, (don't know her maiden name) and my Father, Oliver Moody Vines was one of six children all of which grew up in Washington State. He marred Genevieve Winter, my mom. Dad passed away in 1997, Mom passed away in 2000. My oldest brother Aaron passed away in 1971, Roger lives in Oregon, my younger brother Oliver D. and I live in Aberdeen, WA. Please advise as to how I can help add what I know to the Vines information. Daniel D. Vines User: Daniel Dee Vines (dvinesco)
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Infant Son of W & T A Vines - Craig Cemetery, Union County, Arkansas

On the headstone for Infant Son Vines, his parents are listed as W & T A Vines. I believe this to be Washington and Tirza Annice (Smith) Vines. I would like confirmation on this conclusion. Charlie Vines (site administrator)
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Sallie Vines vs Sarah Vines (b. oct. 5, 1868) daughters of Washington Vines

In the 1870 census of Union parish, Louisiana there is a Washington Vines listed with a daughter named Sallie (?kind of hard to read). I have seen Washington with a daughter named Sarah. The question is, "is Sallie and Sarah the same person?". Since Washington did not married Tirza Smith until 1871, it seems obvious he was married before Tirza. Some speculation has it that his first wife is Julie Mitchell. That speculation is based (at least in part) on the 1880 census of Jackson Parish, Louisiana where a Julie Vines is listed in the family of Elizabeth Mitchel with two children (Sallie and John) listed as Elizabeth's grandchildren.

In the Goodspeed biography of Rev. Washington Vines, a daughter named Sarah is listed who died in 1876. There is a Sarah Vines listed in the Craig Cemetery (Union County, Ark.) who was born Oct. 5, 1868 (matches the 1870 census) but she died Aug 17, 1876. It seems unlikely that Sallie and Sarah are the same person or Sallie would not be listed on the 1880 census. Two questions: 1. Were Sallie and Sarah twins with Sallie staying with Julie and Sarah going back to Arkansas with Washington? Doesn't seem logical because only Sallie is listed on the 1870 census. 2. Are there two Washington Vines's represented here? This seems the most logical possibility. Another possibility is that the Sallie listed with Washington on the 1870 census is Sarah, but a different Sallie than the one listed on the 1880 Census. At this time, I do not believe Julie Mitchel to be the first wife of Washington Vines who married Tirza Smith. More research is needed on this question. Charlie Vines (Site Administrator)

Feb. 10, 2008 I have come to the conclusion that Sarah (Salley) and Sallie are not the same person for the following reasons.
1. In the Goodspeed's biography of Washington Vines, the marriage date for Washington and Tirza as 1865.
2. In the 1900 Census, Washington and Tirza state that they had been married 35 years (1865)
3. In the 1900 Census, Tirza states that she had given birth to 11 children of which 7 were still living. With cemetery records, Goodspeed's biography, and census data, I can account for 11 children (Infant son), Jordan, Sarah, Ida, Jo Eler, Joanna, Franklin P, Tirza I, Crawford, Minor, and Annie L. I can also account for the four children who died before 1900: 1. Infant son (Headstone at Craig Cemetery reads son of W and T A Vines (logically, this is the weakest of the four because there is no dates on the headstone. Tirza however is 58 in 1900, so it is unlikely she had any other children after 1900)), 2. Sarah (d. 1876 (Goodspeed and Headstone at Craig Cemetery)), 3. Jo Eler (d. 1874 (Goodspeed)), and 4. Ida (Married G A Patterson in 1892 and died 1893 (Craig Cemetery)).
4. In the 1870 census, Washington's wife is listed as Tisu or Tisa. This will sound a bit 'lame', but Tisu/Tisa would appears closer to Tirza than Julie. I would expect a census taker could spell Julie since it is rather common, but Tirza could be a different matter. Again, I say I know this one is a bit 'lame', but the name does not even resemble Julie.

Now concerning the 1871 marriage date in Union county, AR for Washington and Tirza. The is no way to prove it at this time, but the 1865 date could be a 'secular' marriage (i.e., Justice of the Peace) or maybe that is when she moved in with him and they had a common law marriage. Goodspeed's biography mentions that Washington is a minister having joined the Episcople Church in 1869 and becoming a minister in 1873. The 1871 marriage could have been a 'Christian' marriage which would/could have opened the door for him becoming a minister in a Christian church. This is just speculation, but something has to explain a 1865 marriage (Goodspeed and census) and a 1871 marriage (county records).

An finally, in the 1880 census of Jackson county, LA, Julie Vines is living with Elizabeth Mitchell. Julie has two children, Sallie and John. Her census record indicates that she is a widow, so her husband has died.

I am still open to other possibilities, but at this time I think the Sallie on the 1870 census and the Sallie with Julie on the 1880 census are different people. Charlie Vines - Site Administrator.
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Cumy Vines Bledsoe and Cumy Vines Shackelford

In the marriage records for Union County, AR, I find Cumy Vines who married Leonard Bledsoe in 1926. In the Craig Cemetery listing in Union County, Ar, I find a listing for Cumy Vines Shackelford. I am assuming there is only one Cumy. I would like confirmation on this. Charlie Vines - site administrator.
Kenneth Vines marries Elizabeth Lucas

In (in the archive section) I found Kenneth Vines and Elizabeth Lucas marrying in 1934.

I believe this Kenneth is Kenneth P Vines, son of Minor Vines.

I would like to know if this is a true assumption. Charlie Vines - site administrator
James Lafayette Vines


My name is Lance Vines of Midlothian, Texas. I have hit a road block in my research and am hoping that you might be able to help.

My GG grandfather was James Lafayette Vines. He lived with his mother Sarah J Clayton Vines in Upshur County, Texas as of the 1880 census, but I can not find any information before that census record.

He moved up to Jenkins, Texas in Morris county for many more years and finally passed away in Ore City, Texas (Upshur County) in 1937.

He was born in 1858, Sarah in 1835.

I do not know that my family is related to John/Jane Vines of Upshur County, but I am trying to find a link as it seems strange for them to not be related and live within 15 miles of each other.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Infant Vines at Mountain Creek Baptist Church, Borden Wheeler Springs, Cleburne County, Alabama

I have found a memorial for an Infant Vines at Mountain Creek Baptist Church. I would like to know when he/she was born and died. I would also like the names of his/her parents.
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William E Vines - New York

Trying to locate info on William E Vines Lived in New York. (Laura Vines)

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