Nevada County, Arkansas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cassidy, James Eldredge  19 Aug 1900Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I00796 Vines Family 
2 Downs, Claudie Wilson  18 Dec 1916Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I01229 Vines Family 
3 Downs, Floris Dale   I01230 Vines Family 
4 Downs, James Edward  11 Jul 1906Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I01231 Vines Family 
5 Downs, Mary Jewel  23 Aug 1914Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I01232 Vines Family 
6 Downs, Minnie Irene   I01233 Vines Family 
7 Downs, Travis Loyd  01 May 1925Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I01234 Vines Family 
8 Downs, Trois J  18 Feb 1928Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I01235 Vines Family 
9 Downs, Willie Arthel  05 Dec 1908Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I01236 Vines Family 
10 Downs, Wilma Honeta  15 Oct 1911Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I01237 Vines Family 
11 Grisham, Edith Valerial  02 Nov 1901Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I01653 Vines Family 
12 Mitchell, Bessie Izora  12 Aug 1889Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I02749 Vines Family 
13 Russell, Lillar Almedia  01 Apr 1885Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I03560 Vines Family 
14 Russell, Retha M  08 Feb 1909Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I03578 Vines Family 
15 Vines, Alice Gordie  Dec 1890Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I04856 Vines Family 
16 Vines, Carson  1901Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I04870 Vines Family 
17 Vines, Colombus (Lum) C  25 Jan 1888Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I04884 Vines Family 
18 Vines, Earl Cleveland  19 Nov 1913Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I04893 Vines Family 
19 Vines, Gordon W  17 Oct 1902Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I04906 Vines Family 
20 Vines, Mary Frances  07 Jan 1886Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I04973 Vines Family 
21 Vines, Maudie (Maude)  Sep 1895Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I04976 Vines Family 
22 Vines, Otha Lane  10 Oct 1897Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I04988 Vines Family 
23 Vines, Paris Wilson  06 Sep 1915Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I04991 Vines Family 
24 Vines, William Alfred  30 May 1896Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I05022 Vines Family 
25 Vines, William Thomas  19 May 1893Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I05028 Vines Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, John R  06 Apr 1946Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I00246 Vines Family 
2 Arnold, Lorenzo Dow  29 Apr 1975Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I00336 Vines Family 
3 Burns, Margaret Lucy  Abt 1879Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I00657 Vines Family 
4 Cassidy, Oscar M (or N)  23 Aug 1923Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I00801 Vines Family 
5 Ellis, Evie Muriel  1996Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I01360 Vines Family 
6 Goynes, Gertrude G "Gertie"  28 Sep 1943Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I00074 Vines Family 
7 Hodnott, Sam M  26 Aug 1931Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I02044 Vines Family 
8 Keith, Lucy  1962Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I02361 Vines Family 
9 Owings, Nona Nancy  12 Jun 1977Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I03078 Vines Family 
10 Richards, Elizabeth  26 Jan 1968Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I03425 Vines Family 
11 Rogers, Mollie  17 Sep 1942Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I03502 Vines Family 
12 Russell, Frank M  1959Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I03535 Vines Family 
13 Russell, George W  Sep 1930Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I03536 Vines Family 
14 Russell, James Edward  25 Jan 1937Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I03544 Vines Family 
15 Russell, John Albert  13 Jun 1916Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I03551 Vines Family 
16 Russell, Joseph Elliot  14 Feb 1964Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I03555 Vines Family 
17 Russell, Leona F  16 Dec 1972Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I03558 Vines Family 
18 Russell, Lona R  Jan 1928Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I03562 Vines Family 
19 Russell, Lura G  14 Feb 1985Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I03564 Vines Family 
20 Russell, Mahazy Ellen  Abt 1925Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I03566 Vines Family 
21 Russell, Retha M  02 Jul 1992Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I03578 Vines Family 
22 Russell, Sarah Louisa  09 Apr 1945Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I03582 Vines Family 
23 Russell, William James  23 Feb 1897Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I03592 Vines Family 
24 Russell, William James Jr  08 Nov 1934Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I03593 Vines Family 
25 Smith, John C  14 Jun 1928Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I03744 Vines Family 
26 Spradley, Mary Elizabeth  18 Apr 1900Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I03846 Vines Family 
27 Unknown, Mary E  21 Nov 1921Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I00111 Vines Family 
28 Vines, Carson  1957Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I04870 Vines Family 
29 Vines, Colombus (Lum) C  18 Jan 1970Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I04884 Vines Family 
30 Vines, Ida Bell  24 Feb 1901Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I04911 Vines Family 
31 Vines, John Walter  1941Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I04935 Vines Family 
32 Vines, Mary Frances  04 Sep 1974Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I04973 Vines Family 
33 Vines, Maudie (Maude)  Apr 1923Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I04976 Vines Family 
34 Vines, Otha Lane  02 Mar 1972Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I04988 Vines Family 
35 Vines, William Thomas  30 Jan 1966Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I05028 Vines Family 
36 Welch, Sarah E  12 Mar 1905Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I05129 Vines Family 
37 Whitten, Delma F  24 Mar 1989Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I05186 Vines Family 
38 Zona, Ethel  07 Jun 1989Nevada County, Arkansas, USA I05390 Vines Family 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cassidy / Grisham  03 Jan 1922Nevada County, Arkansas, USA F01352 Vines Family 
2 Cassidy / Russell  16 Sep 1908Nevada County, Arkansas, USA F01348 Vines Family 
3 Downs / Cassidy  09 Aug 1906Nevada County, Arkansas, USA F01351 Vines Family 
4 Downs / Hairston   F01390 Vines Family 
5 Downs / Miller  27 Jul 1935Nevada County, Arkansas, USA F01387 Vines Family 
6 Glanton / Vines  20 Jul 1893Nevada County, Arkansas, USA F01173 Vines Family 
7 Jones / Cassidy  31 Oct 1907Nevada County, Arkansas, USA F01350 Vines Family 
8 Russell / Richards  02 May 1889Nevada County, Arkansas, USA F01327 Vines Family 
9 Starnes / Vines  27 Sep 1897Nevada County, Arkansas, USA F01165 Vines Family 
10 Vines / Russell  22 Sep 1887Nevada County, Arkansas, USA F01162 Vines Family