Alabama, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Boyd, Anner  Sep 1878Alabama, USA I6396 Vines Family 
2 Boyd, Mary A  Mar 1881Alabama, USA I6397 Vines Family 
3 Lewis, William Alfred  25 Oct 1873Alabama, USA I02464 Vines Family 
4 Smith, Tirza Annice  11 Dec 1844Alabama, USA I00067 Vines Family-1 (Inactive) 
5 Smith, Tirza Annice  11 Dec 1844Alabama, USA I6106 Vines Family 
6 Unknown, Mary  Abt 1844Alabama, USA I6393 Vines Family 
7 Vines, Alger Hollis  28 Dec 1891Alabama, USA I6382 Vines Family 
8 Vines, Amanda  Oct 1884Alabama, USA I6388 Vines Family 
9 Vines, Arvious   I197 Vines Family-1 (Inactive) 
10 Vines, Crate  12 Jan 1911Alabama, USA I6067 Vines Family 
11 Vines, Daniel  Abt 1875Alabama, USA I6403 Vines Family 
12 Vines, Dulceny  Dec 1887Alabama, USA I6390 Vines Family 
13 Vines, Fannie  1868Alabama, USA I6400 Vines Family 
14 Vines, Jane  Abt 1866Alabama, USA I6399 Vines Family 
15 Vines, Kellis  Mar 1894Alabama, USA I6392 Vines Family 
16 Vines, Ludy  Feb 1886Alabama, USA I6389 Vines Family 
17 Vines, Luther  Mar 1890Alabama, USA I6391 Vines Family 
18 Vines, Mary  Abt 1875Alabama, USA I6404 Vines Family 
19 Vines, Sarah  Abt 1870Alabama, USA I6402 Vines Family 
20 Vines, William  Abt 1870Alabama, USA I6401 Vines Family