Granshage, Gran, Oppland, Norway



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersdatter, Marthe  13 Jan 1793Granshage, Gran, Oppland, Norway I00298 Vines Family 
2 Gulbrandsen, Anders  Abt 1767Granshage, Gran, Oppland, Norway I01677 Vines Family 
3 Jakobsen, Anne  24 Jun 1825Granshage, Gran, Oppland, Norway I02163 Vines Family 
4 Jakobsen, Johanne  24 Apr 1834Granshage, Gran, Oppland, Norway I02164 Vines Family 
5 Jakobsen, Ole Piomaas  Abt 1827Granshage, Gran, Oppland, Norway I02165 Vines Family 
6 Jakobsen, Peder  Abt 1829Granshage, Gran, Oppland, Norway I02166 Vines Family 
7 Jakobsen, Randgi  Abt 1823Granshage, Gran, Oppland, Norway I02167 Vines Family 
8 Pedersdatter, Anne  Abt 1771Granshage, Gran, Oppland, Norway I03211 Vines Family